The Alhambra Pumpkin Run’s mission is to provide a fun, family environment to promote physical fitness and health through a community based event. Please read the following to get all your questions and answers to important Pumpkin Run information. Thank you Pumpkees! 


When is the Pumpkin Run and what time does it start?

When | Saturday, October 1st 2016
Registration begins | 6:00 am
Runners Group Warm-Up | 7:15 am
10K begins | 7:30 am – 5K Run/Walk begins | 8:00 am
1K Kids Run Warm-Up & Run | 9:30 am

Costume Contest and 5K & 1K Awards | 10:00am
Where | Run begins at Alhambra Park


When are your early-bird, regular and late registration deadlines and Pumpkin Run tuition?

Early Registration: 3/1 – 6/30
10K: $50
5K: $35
1K: $15

General Registration: 7/1 – 8/31
10K: $55
5K: $40
1K: $18

Late Registration: 9/1 – 9/28
10K: $60
5K: $45
1K: $22

On-Site Registration: 10/1
10K: $65
5K: $50
1K: $25


I’m running the Pumpkin Run, what do I receive with my registration?

  • Runners commemorative t-shirt
  • Runners bib & runners timing chip
  • Runners finisher video for accurate timing (will be posted on YouTube after the race)
  • Runners swag bag filled with goodies and fun!
  • Runners finisher list for accurate timing (will be posted on our website after the race with everyone bibs accurate time)
  • End of race medal

What will be happening at The Pumpkin Run? 

  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Costume Contest
  • Food Truck
  • Local vendors
  • Music and race fun!

Where do I register?

You may register here for the Pumpkin Run:



What if I cannot run the 5K or 10K? May I walk?

Yes! Of course you may walk.  The Alhambra 5K Pumpkin Run is a run and walk.


Is there a separate 5K or 10K start time for walkers?

No. The 5K & 10K run and walk will begin at 7:30 am and 8:00 am. You do not need to sign-up separately to walk. If you choose to run, line up with the runners at the front of the start line.

10K begins | 7:30am

5K Run/Walk begins| 8:00am

*Please note that if you wish for your time to clocked and noted with your runner’s chip, you must start your run and cross the Start Line mat by 7:45am for 10K runners and 8:15am for 5K runners. After 8:15am, your time will not be clocked and reported. 


Can kids run/walk in the Alhambra 5K & 10K?


  • Children 6 years and up may run/walk the 5K & 10K as paid participants.
  • Children 0-5 are free to run/walk the 5K & 10K. There is no registration or bib needed for children 0 to 5 years.
  • Children 0-5 years may be pushed in strollers for our 5K & 10K. Please keep strollers at the end of the Start Line. Please leave the front of the Start Line for runners that ar fast and cannot be slowed down by strollers.
  • All children ages 12 and under must be accompanied by a registered adult for the enture duration of the race. All participants need a bib/registration to enter the 5K and run the route.

We are hosting a kids 1K run for children 4 to 13 years old at 9:30am. Registration is available on our registration page: http://alhambrapumpkinrun2016.eventbrite.com/

*Please see question below for more information.


Is there a Kids run?

Yes!  We’re hosting a kids 1K run for kids and teens ages 4 to 13 years old at 9:30 am. Registration is available on our registration page:  http://alhambrapumpkinrun2016.eventbrite.com/- Our 1K run registration includes: 1 runners race medal, 1 runners t-shirt and 1 runners bib.

Kids Run

Run #1: Ages 4-5 | 9:30am

Run #2: Ages 6-7 | 9:40am

Run #3: Ages 8-10 | 9:45am

Run #4: Ages 11-13 | 9:50am


What is the 1K kids cost to run?

Early Registration: 3/1 – 6/30
1K: $15


General Registration: 7/1 – 8/318
1K: $18


Late Registration: 9/1 – 9/28
1K: $22



On-Site Registration: 9/31 (Pre-Packet Pick-Up Day) – 10/1 (On-site run registration) 
1K: $25



Are pets allowed at the Alhambra Pumpkin Run?

Pets are not allowed at Alhambra Park. Thank you for understanding.


When is the last day to register?

September 28th is the last day to register online. However, you may register on race day in-person. Day-of registration is $50 and is credit card only.

Oh no! I’m late and missed the registration deadlines. May I register at the park on race day?

Yes. Registration is allowed on race day starting at 6:00am. Credit Card is the only form of payment for day-of race payments. Please arrive no later than 7:00 am for race day registration. Registration begins at 6:00am (earlier the better). The line can get long and you don’t want to miss the start of the race. Please note that on-site registration ends promptly at 7:25am for 10K and 7:55am for 5K.

I registered for The Alhambra Pumpkin Run on a local deal site. How do I redeem my voucher and request my t-shirt size?

Groupon & Rush49 Alhambra Pumpkin Run Redemption Instructions:

STEP #1: Go to http://www.alhambrapumpkinrun2016.eventbrite.com

STEP #2: Select Participate as an Individual

STEP #3: Locate orange Enter Promotional Code link just above the green Order Now and click it

STEP #4: Enter your promotional code here then click Apply. The total amount due is now FREE $0.00 next to valid redemption/registration type.  Enter 1 from the drop down quantity and click on Register.

STEP #5: Now you will need to complete the required information and agree to the Liability Waiver to finalize your registration for the Alhambra 5K Pumpkin Run.  If you have any further question or concerns, please feel free to email us here for assistance.

Got questions?

Please email us here at: info@alhambrapumpkinrun.com


What if it rains?

Rain or shine fit fanatics! The run must go on. “A little rain ain’t hurt nobody.” We’re hard core like that. Wooo!


Where do I park for the Pumpkin Run?

There is street parking for the Pumpkin Run. Please park west of Palm Ave or north of Alhambra Road for your best convenience. If you live close to Alhambra Park, please help us out and walk to the park to save parking for the other runners. Save gas, save the planet, and save our sanity. That would be greatly appreciated!

If you live inside the 5K & 10K route and need to move your car between 5am and 12pm the day of the race, please park your car outside of the Pumpkin Run route Friday night. All over-night parking restrictions will be lifted for Friday night (if you do not have an Alhambra Parking Pass). Thank you for your assistance!

Parking for this event is in the surrounding neighborhoods of the race course.  Please view the course map and park outside of the route.  Use the walk as a pre race warm up exercise.

  • Pay attention to all posted signs.  Parking is at your own risk and protect any valuables you leave in your car.
  • If you live locally, use Uber or Lyft to catch a ride and avoid the parking hassle all together.
  • Carpool…less cars = more parking for others
  • Be courteous to the residents and avoid loud music and talking in the early arrival hours.
  • Do NOT block residential driveways.
  • Do NOT park in the local business parking lots.  We are not responsible for any parking tickets or towing.
  • Do NOT leave any trash behind (even if it is not your’s).


Is this run a fun run or a competitive run? 

The Alhambra Pumpkin Run is both a competitive run and fun family run! The race is timed with professional chip timing. All runners must begin at the Start Line by 8:15am in order for their run to be recorded.

We will award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place 5K & 10K runners male and female (adult or child) at 10:00am on stage. They will be awarded a trophy and certificate. However…it is still a fun run for Alhambra and the community. So, it’s a little of both! Have fun with it! Dress up. Wear a Halloween costume or orange and black and go all out. It’s a Pumpkin Run so let’s show it!


Is this run timed? Where do I get my time after the run?

This event is chip timed which means your race time begins when you cross the start line and ends when you cross the finish line. For this reason, you do not need to crowd the starting line trying to be the first person to take off. Cut-off for official timed results is 7:45 AM for 10K and 8:15 AM for 5K – no exceptions!

FINISH LINE: Be sure to run across the timing mat at the arch to end your official time.

BIB NUMBERS & TIMING CHIPS: DO NOT FORGET YOUR BIB!! REMEMBER YOUR BIB!  Your race bib is chipped for timing and must be pinned to the FRONT of your shirt. We cannot replace any bibs forgotten at home and everyone must have a bib to participate in the 5K (unless they are 5 years old and under and just along for the ride).


May I run/walk with a stroller in the 5K & 10K?

Yes! Strollers are allowed in the 5K & 10K. Running strollers are preferred. However, wagons, bikes, tricycles, roller skates and other moving equipment is NOT allowed in the 5K & 10K.

What may I NOT bring to the Pumpkin Run?

– Wagons (Radio Flyers type)

– Bike/Tricycles

– Rollerskates/Rollerblades

– Alcohol & drugs (Of course!)

– Glass containers

– Flip flops and sandles are not allowed for use in the 5K. Please bring and wear athletic shoes for the run/walk for your safety and foot care.


Is there Wi-Fi at Alhambra Park?

Unfortunately, there is NO Wi-Fi at Alhambra Park. Leave the computers at home and let’s dance in the park together!


Will there be food at the Pumpkin Run?

YES! We’ll have a variety of food available for your taste bud’s pleasure beginning at 7am.

Is there an ATM at Alhambra Park?

No. Alhambra Park does not have an ATM. Please bring cash for your shopping pleasure for our local vendors.

If you have a question that is are answered here, please ask us at: info@alhambrapumpkinrun.com. We’ll do our best to add it here for other runners to read and learn from your questions. Thanks! 

What roads will be closed for the 5K?

On Oct. 1, from 4 a.m. to 12 p.m., ALL of the streets within the race zone will be CLOSED TO TRAFFIC.

The following streets will be closed during the race:

• Olive Ave (Pine St. to Woodward Ave.)
• Curtis Ave (Pine St. to Woodward Ave.)
• Marguerita Ave (Pine St. to Woodward Ave.)
• Dos Robles Pl. (Alhambra Rd. to Pine St.)
• Electric Ave. (Larch to Pine St.)
• Bushnell Ave. (Larch to Alhambra Rd.)
• Marengo Ave. (Vine St. to Alhambra Rd.)
• Campbell Ave. (Grand Ave. to Alhambra Rd.)
• Ethel Ave. (Grand Ave. to Alhambra Rd.)
• Raymond Ave. (Vine St. to Alhambra Rd.)
• Palm Ave. (Main St. to Alhambra Rd.)
• Alhambra Rd. (La France Ave. to Atlantic Blvd.)
• Grand Ave. (Raymond Ave. to Marengo Ave.)
• St. Charles Terrace (Curtis Ave. to Atlantic Blvd.)
• Woodward Ave. (Marguerita Ave. to Atlantic Blvd.)
• Larch St. (La France St. to Marguerita Ave.)
• Vine St. (Palm Ave. to Marengo Ave.)
• Cedar St. (Main St. to Marengo Ave.)
• Pine St. (Bushnell Ave. to Atlantic Blvd.)

Overnight parking restrictions will be relaxed from Sep. 30 through Oct. 2, 2015, from Atlantic Blvd. to Fremont Ave., and from Main St. to Huntington Dr.

If you require vehicle access during this time, please arrange to park on an adjacent unaffected street.

If you have questions, please call Public Works at (626) 570-5067, or view the map and information on the City’s website at www.cityofalhambra.org and/or www.facebook/AlhambraPumpkinRun.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Alhambra 5K 2015 Pumpkin Run Map | Street Closures and Parking
Alhambra Pumpkin Run Map | Street Closures and Parking

Estimado Residente:

La Ciudad de Alhambra presentará su primer Alhambra Pumpkin Run & Fitness Festival el Sábado, 4 de Octubre de 2014. Nos gustaría invitarlo a participar en la carrera de 5K para adultos y la carrera de 1K para niños y adolescents. La carrera comenzará a las 9 a.m. en Alhambra Park y atravesará muchos barrios locales.


Muchas calles afectadas estarán cerradas al tránsito el 4 de Octubre desde las 5 a.m. a las 12 p.m. La ruta estará contenida dentro de la siguiente zona:





• Olive Ave (Pine St. a / 至 Woodward Ave.)
• Curtis Ave (Pine St. a / 至Woodward Ave.)
• Marguerita Ave (Pine St. a / 至Woodward Ave.)
• Dos Robles Pl. (Alhambra Rd. a / 至Pine St.)
• Electric Ave. (Larch a / 至Pine St.)
• Bushnell Ave. (Larch a / 至Alhambra Rd.)
• Marengo Ave. (Vine St. a / 至Alhambra Rd.)
• Campbell Ave. (Grand Ave. a / 至Alhambra Rd.)
• Ethel Ave. (Grand Ave. a / 至Alhambra Rd.)
• Raymond Ave. (Vine St. a / 至Alhambra Rd.)
• Palm Ave. (Main St. a / 至Alhambra Rd.)
• Alhambra Rd. (La France Ave. a / 至 Atlantic Blvd.)
• Grand Ave. (Raymond Ave. a / 至Marengo Ave.)
• St. Charles Terrace (Curtis Ave. a / 至Atlantic Blvd.)
• Woodward Ave. (Marguerita Ave. a / 至Atlantic Blvd.)
• Larch St. (La France St. a / 至Marguerita Ave.)
• Vine St. (Palm Ave. a / 至Marengo Ave.)
• Cedar St. (Main St. a / 至Marengo Ave.)
• Pine St. (Bushnell Ave. a / 至Atlantic Blvd.)¬

Se relajarán las restricciones al estacionamiento de la noche a la mañana desde el 2 de Octubre al 5 de Octubre del 2015 desde Atlantic Blvd. a Fremont Ave. Y de Main St. a Huntington Dr. Si requiere acceso vehicular durante estas horas, tenga la bondad de estacionarse en una calle adyacente que no esté afectada.

Si tiene dudas, tenga la bondad de llamar a Obras Públicas (Public Works) al 626-570-5067 o consulte el mapa e información en la página web de la Ciudad en www.cityofalhambra.org y/o

www.facebook/ AlhambraPumpkinRun.

Agradecemos su paciencia y su comprensión.

從2015年10月2日至10月5日,將取消通宵停車限制, 從Atlantic Blvd.至Fremont Ave., 以及從Main St. 至 Huntington Dr. 。若您在此時間段需要用車,請安排將車停在附近未受影響的街區。

若您有任何問題,請致電公共事業部626-570-5067, 或在本市網站www.cityofalhambra.org 和/ 或

www.facebook/AlhambraPumpkinRun 查看地圖及資訊。

111 South First Street
Alhambra, CA 91801
Phone: 626-570-5090