Pumpkin Pie Bake Off Rules & Regulations | Alhambra 5K Pumpkin Run 2014

Pumpkin Pie Bake Off Rules & Regulations | Alhambra 5K Pumpkin Run 2014

1st ever Pumpkin Pie Bake Off!

10-4-14-Pumpkin-Run-496Saturday, October 4th 2014

Alhambra Park

Alhambra 5K Pumpkin Run

Festival: 9am – 3pm

Judging: 9am – 11am

Thank you so much for your interest in our 1st ever Pumpkin Pie Bake-Off! 

Here is the info, rule & regulations for our Pumpkin Pie Bakers:


Where: Alhambra Park 500 N. Palm Ave Alhambra 91801

Date: Saturday, October 4th 2014

Event First Friday Time: 9am – 3pm

Pumpkin Pie Bakers Arrival Call Time: 8:00am

 *Please arrive on time. Please note that if you’re late, your pie may not get time to be entered. We are beginning judging at 9am. Pies will be numbered in the order of arrival. 


Contest/Judging Time: 9am – 11am

Preparation: Please prepare your pumpkin pies at home before arriving.

How do I bring my pie? All pies MUST be/arrive on ICE (if prepared cold). Please put your pie in a cooler or ice chest until served.

How much pie do I bring? Bring ONE whole 8″(or bigger) pie in ONE tin (Please note tins may be thrown away afterwards unless you specify to coordinators that you’ll want it back). Please note that the more you bring the more our residents are able to try it and LOVE your pie after the judges try it.

May I bring whipped cream or Cool Whip to be eaten with my pie? You may only bring it and use it if it’s home made. NO OUTSIDE store brand names may be used. Everything must be “home made” and original. If you bring whipped cream, it must be home made and NOT from a can or container.

Do I have to be present? Yes. We want the contestants to be there with their pie representing their amazing tastes and sweetness! See you there.

How do I dress? It’s a 5K run, so come comfortable and look great! Remember, if you win, your photo will be in the newspaper and look the way you’d like to look for that photo 🙂

Judges: There will be 4-5 judges for the competition. They are all Downtown Alhambra Business owners, Alhambra representatives, Miss Alhambra and Downtown Alhambra Business Association Members and Chamber Members.

Judging: We will have 3 winners!

1st Place: 1st Place Ribbon, surprise gift from sponsor & gift bag

2nd Place: 2nd Place Ribbon, surprise gift from sponsor & gift bag

3rd Place: 3rd Place Ribbon, surprise gift from sponsor & gift bag

How will I be judged? We will be judging on 3 categories to equal 100 points: 1) Taste 2) Creativity 3) Overall – Areas where judges will be scoring: aroma, consistency, sweetness, color, taste, after taste and overall feel of Halloween and Thanksgiving! The best part of it all! 🙂 

Awards: Awards will be announced on The Bandshell Stage at 11am. For our 5K, we’ll be having a festival with 2 live bands, fitness demonstrations, games for the kids, a full health fair and so much more. Please stay for the festivities, food and fun! Invite your friends and fans as well.

Parking, where do I park? We have over 1,000 runners for this 5K. Please plan accordingly and give yourself plenty of time to park, walk and get your pie there by 8am. Parking might be hard to find and the 5K route is closed on the inside of the route. Please leave early!

Where do I go once I’m at the park? Please go to the Pumpkin Pie Bake-Off tent located where the other vendors and health fair are. We will be on the South/West side of the park by The Bandshell stage. We’ll be in a white tent and the sign will say “Pumpkin Pie Bake-Off”. Please give yourself plenty of time to find us.

Who can come to the competition? Is it free to attend? Anyone and everyone are invited. All ages. Yes! It’s a free event.

Photos: We will have a professional photographer at the event taking photos. All photos will be up on our Alhambra Pumpkin Run & Downtown Alhambra Facebook page after the event.



Pumpkin Pie Bake-Off: When your pie is collected by one of the Judges Assistants, it will be numbered with your contestant number, and then placed on the table and given a judging number beginning at 8:30am. This will assure that none of the Judges know who made each pie and assures that it is a double-blind contest. A panel of judges will judge your pie on aroma, consistency, sweetness, color, taste, and after taste.

Please note the following CRITICAL guidelines for county requirements: Keep your pie in ice so it stays at 41 degrees or cooler until we put it out for tasting.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at: downtownalhambra@gmail.com

Thank you and GOOD LUCK bakers!!



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